Career guidance websites can never be a replacement for personal career guidance. A wide range of individualized and personal careers and education support services must be embedded in career guidance websites that provide only automated interactions. Career guidance websites should be used to simplify personal communication through online and offline guidance and counselling. A range of online assessment tools and online learning tools should be designed in such a way that it fully supports an individual to decide what to do in their life in relation to education and career.

Career guidance websites are a collection of pages that generally serve four main purposes such as providing career information and resources, diagnostic career assessments to replicate elements of traditional brick and mortar guidance services, supported e-learning and opportunities for professional interaction between people (one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many format). These purposes can be packed together in one website or there can be different bundling or it could be a standalone model.

Do career guidance websites influence positively the career maturity and career readiness of an individual? If yes, then in what ways do career guidance websites positively impact an individual’s career readiness?

Let us first understand career maturity and career readiness.

Career maturity is a student’s eagerness to make informed and appropriate career decisions. A student’s career mature attitude includes involvement, a greater self-orientation, independence and decisiveness, and the willingness to compromise one’s desires with reality for education and career choices.

Career readiness is that stage when a student is prepared for beginning college, getting the first job/ career and for the life ahead.

There is some evidence that career guidance websites have been beneficial for users to increase knowledge about the self, increase knowledge about the world of work, increase career exploration behaviours, increase certainty about educational and career choices, understand more about career options. improve career decidedness, and improve confidence in making career decisions

Therefore, it is indicative that intervention through career guidance websites have a positive impact on helping individuals to become more decided about their future career directions.

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