What is the meaning of guidance and counselling?

Guidance is a process that helps the individual in:

  1. understanding one ‘s strengths, limitations, abilities, desires, values, etc.
  2. inspiring one’s ability to solve problems,
  3. and the ability to make choices and decisions on one’s own

Counselling is a service that is methodically conducted with the aim to offer support to individuals with various problems, and it takes place on a one-to-one interaction basis.

Counselling is meant to help the individual:

  1. introspect and identify the problem,
  2. evaluate various methods to solve the problem
  3. and finally, identify the desired change required to adjust to the life situations

What is the support I can get from Yavna career services?

Yavna will support you with:

  1. exploring education and career opportunities
  2. evaluating various relevant factors for decision making
  3. understanding the pros and cons before decision making
  4. education/career/vocation planning and strategy
  5. finding relevant information that you need about education and career

How can one find out which is the best-fit education/career/vocational option for oneself?

One must undergo a few comprehensive and interesting career assessment tests coupled with subjective personal evaluations.

What is a career assessment test?

A career assessment test is a series of questions or statements related to relevant and critical factors of education, career and occupation. The individual answers the questions or statements, it is further scored by hand or computer, a report is analytically prepared or generated based on the scores which should be further vetted by the expert counsellor before it is shared with the test taker.

How can one know which of the objective career assessment tests available in the market really serves the purpose of finding the best-fit education/career/vocational for oneself?

The criteria are that the test taker should be able to see and understand that it:

  1. helps to inquire, investigate, analyse, solve a problem, make a decision,
  2. has appropriate and a broad range of assessment items,
  3. provides clear instructions of the test format and on how to proceed with the test,
  4. has no bias and discrimination,
  5. provides opportunities for review,
  6. has no tricky questions,
  7. is valuable and interesting
  8. helps discover and construct new information,
  9. has a meaningful purpose
  10. is not outdated

Is it good enough if one were to take these tests and evaluations only once?

The answer to this question could vary in different situations and for different individuals. The procedure should be repeated if the need arises for a review for getting more clarity before finalizing the education/career/vocational options.

How do I know what is a good report for the assessment tests?

A good report should be:

  1. Clear and concise
  2. One that the student/client can easily comprehend
  3. Specific with links to evidence
  4. Based on analytical thinking
  5. With information and evidence to support a conclusion
  6. Thought-provoking
  7. Able to explain any new understanding or fresh insights
  8. Able to provide future directions
  9. A guide to counselling and further discussions
  10. Facilitate decision making

What will the Yavna counselling sessions be like?

The sessions will begin with building up a rapport with the counsellor, in-depth report explanation and further discussions on how to come to a conclusion for your related queries. Additional sessions will be arranged to set goals and action plans for providing direction to achieve the education/career/vocational goals. The counselling will be unique and tailored to your specific issues and questions.