Our Services

Our Services include…

  1. Subject stream/group selection for students studying in class 8, 9 & 10
  2. Career path assessment for class 11,12 and undergraduate students
  3. Academic and Career Guidance and Counselling

In due course we would be offering the following services too:

  • Job Interview Preparation
  • Public Speaking
  • Guidance and Counselling for Speech & Language Problems and Learning Disabilities
  • Psychological Counselling and Stress Management


In order to extend access to one and all, more flexible delivery methods such as use of web services and ICT are being tapped. Personal appointments are offered face-to-face and also through online mode.

We provide…

Workshop, information, assessments, straightforward and succinct personalised reports, and individual counselling which will help students and freshers…

  • Cultivate an interest to do thorough research about your career choices before making a decision
  • Gain relevant information about careers, industries, and uncertain job market
  • Choose the appropriate career path with reason and clarity without being influenced by tricky external factors (for example; influence from friends, internet, social media, sports, entertainment and television media, family and relative, school and teachers, job trends, designations, company brands, social status, your belief system, certain degrees and colleges etc.)

Experte group offers Yavna* Career Guidance and Counselling for:

  • Students of Class 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12
  • College students
  • Freshers
  • Parent

There are numerous employed persons today who are dissatisfied with their career choice due to lack of guidance, counselling and support in their school years. By starting early in your school years, the young generation will be able to see and experience the value of our service offerings by succeeding in their careers and life.

* Yavna is a registered trademark of Experte Group.