About us

“The future depends on what you do today”

We at Experte Group are enthusiastic about helping you to find your career and life directions that realize your needs and gratify your future. Whether you’re unclear on how to proceed in your path of study, undecided of which subjects to choose, and unsure of what to do with your new degree, we can help you figure it out. We love what we do, and look forward to guiding you!


Our mission is to provide career guidance and counselling support services for school and college students, and freshers.


To touch the lives of innumerable students and freshers who are seeking direction in order to achieve career success and happiness.

Core Value

We value 3 key elements, that are: learning, receiving, and giving for leading a happy and satisfied life.

It’s better to look ahead and prepare now than to look back later and regret.
Now is the most important time!  Start your journey with EXPERTE!

Meet Anu


Anu is a resident of Bangalore and Thrissur. Anu’s entrepreneurial dream has become a reality in “EXPERTE”. The initiative is solely owned and funded by her from her hard-earned savings.

Anu holds professional certifications in Career Guidance and Counselling (TISS, Mumbai), Global Career Counsellor Certification (UCLA Singapore), MBA (Amity University), PGDHHM (Symbiosis Centre of Health Care), B.Sc. Speech and Hearing (AIISH, Mysore). Anu has worked in educational institutions and healthcare setups in India and abroad. Anu is a licensed professional career counsellor. She assists her clients in education and career selection, carving out a career path and setting SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound), by enabling them analyse and decide their choice with a focus on strengths, interests, skills and practical situations. Anu typically helps them through the use of her own well researched and structured workshops, assessments and various counselling techniques. Anu’s experience, credentials, commitment, and service has been beneficial to her clients.

Anu has put on many hats in her life such as: being a speech therapist, audiologist, training and placement executive, teacher, counsellor, volunteer, child, student, spouse, friend, relative, caregiver, traveller etc. She has faced varied circumstances in life that challenged her external and internal skills to learn to deal with people, situations and environment, and yet she remains well-balanced, content and focused. All these years of experience is what has got her to where she is  today.

Our beliefs

A short story for your better understanding…

The Pandava princes trained under Dronacharya when they were young. One day Dronacharya wanted to test if the princes have learnt the lessons imparted to them. Dronacharya placed a toy bird on a tree branch and asked each of them to aim their arrows at the bird’s eye and shoot. Before beginning the test, Dronacharya asked them one by one what is it that they could see? Each Pandava prince gave different answers, such as the tree, the leaves, the flowers, the bird and so on. Only Arjuna said that he could see nothing but the eye of the bird. And it was only Arjuna who shot the bird’s eye because of focus and determination while the other princes missed it.

We believe in that focus and determination, which will help our clients achieve career success and happiness.

If you feel confused or without direction about your future, career and life, then we are here to guide, mentor, and help you to design and implement a road map to success.


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