The below table has the list of countries with the subject stream/group requirement. Many of these countries accept NEET scores, few ask for SAT subject scores.

Subjects’ Abbreviation: P – Physics, C – Chemistry, B – Biology, M – Mathematics

Sl#CountriesSubject stream/Group
1Germany PCB
2UK PCBM and Psychology
3France PCBM
4Ireland PCBM
5Scotland CB
6Netherlands PCB
7Belgium PCB
8Switzerland PCB
9Denmark PCB
10Norway PCB
11Sweden PCB
12Finland PCB
13Estonia PCB and Ecological biology and molecular biology
14Latvia PCBM
15Lithuania PCB
16Belarus PCB
17Poland PCB
18Czech Republic PCB
19Slovakia CB
20Austria PCBM
21Hungary PCB
22Croatia CB
23Bosnia and Herzegovina PCBM
24Serbia CB
25Bulgaria CB
26Romania PCB
27Greece PCB
28Italy PCB
29Spain PCB
30USA PCB and Organic chemistry
31Canada PCB
32Australia PCBM
33New Zealand PCBM and Health Education
34Malaysia PCB
35Brunei PCBM
36Singapore PCBM
37Hongkong M & Liberal studies
38China PCB
39South Korea PCB
40Japan PCB
41Sri Lanka PCB
42India PCB
43Russia PCB
Note: The above list is not in the order of priority or preference.

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