Thank you so much for putting tireless effort in helping out the best in choosing my career. Your assessment and counselling were really very helpful. Thanks again!

– Rupa Chingsime Ch. Marak, Undergraduate student, Meghalaya


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Rupa Chingsime Ch. MarakStudent, Undergraduate, Meghalaya

I attended the career counselling workshop conducted by Anu ma’am. It was an eye-opening program for me. I could understand my true potential and choose the right career path. I feel that many students will be benefitted from this career counselling program to make the right choice.

– Ashwin, 10th Std., Presidency School, Bangalore

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AshwinStudent, 10th Std., Bangalore

Before attending this career counselling program, I was very confused about what I want to do in future after my class 12. After this session, I understood my inclinations, abilities, and interests very clearly. Now I know what are the career options suitable for me and I am in a much better position to decide what I want.

– Sneha P, Student, 12th Std., Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan School, Bangalore

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Sneha PStudent, 12th Std., Bangalore

This career counselling session conducted by Anu Ma’am was very informative and useful. We learnt how to select the subjects/group according to our career interests, our abilities, and our skills. We understood what to study for different careers and given us confidence. Thank you so much for guiding us clearly. We will definitely remember you and follow your guidance.

– The class of 10th., TREP School, Bangalore

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The class of 10thThe class of 10th Std., TREP School, Bangalore

The career counselling program was very nice and informative, I had a lot of confusion about what subjects to choose. After this program, I became clear because I got to know what my interests and abilities are.

– Jagruti, Student, 8th Std., Vidyashilp School, Bangalore

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JagrutiStudent, 8th Std., Bangalore

The career counselling session with Anu Ma’am was worthwhile and very helpful. It helped bring a lot of clear perspectives in my mind and helped me chalk out a clearer path for the future. The assessment was very broad and covered many important aspects ranging from my talents to my interests, which helped me to link and think in a way I have never done before. By the end of the sessions, I felt confident about my path ahead which was something I was struggling with earlier. It made my choices easier. A big thanks to her.

Sanjana, Student, 8th Std., Don Bosco International School, Mumbai

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SanjanaStudent, 8th Std., Mumbai

From the very beginning, it was a great experience, the counsellor was very friendly and the whole career guidance was an amazing experience. It really gave me much more clarity and helped me choose the best career path. The most important thing is that it made me more independent & logical in choosing a career path on my own. It clearly is worth the money & time you spend on it…

– Harshavardhan V, Student, 12th Std., Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Kolazhy, Thrissur

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Harshavardhan VStudent, 12th Std., Thrissur, Kerala

I truly loved spending time in the career counselling sessions conducted by Anu ma’am and it was worth it. I was able to clearly understand and decide my future career path with the help of the assessment tests and counselling. I was very comfortable with Anu ma’am during the counselling session. During this session, I was able to understand that my decision to choose PCMB after my class 10 was not the right one. So, I became clear that after my class 12, I will choose a degree that will match my interests and abilities rather than randomly choosing a degree like how I did in my class 11. Thank you, Anu Ma’am.

Priya Bansal, Student, 11th Std., DPS, Bangalore

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Priya BansalStudent, 11th Std., Bangalore

The career counselling sessions were very helpful as I got an idea of which subjects, I should concentrate on more, and what courses I should learn in order to become an architect. I even got to know about all the different career options and their importance. After taking the test I got to know my abilities and interests which really helped for taking a decision as to what path to take. I would recommend these sessions to my friends and relatives as it helped me a lot and I am confident that the career counselling sessions would help them too.

Chaitanya Praveen, Student, 9th Std., Maharishi Vidya Mandir School, Chennai

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Chaitanya PraveenStudent, 9th Std., Chennai

I am very grateful for the career guidance and counselling sessions conducted by Anu ma’am in the best and most understandable way. It helped me to have a clarity on what I should choose after completing after my high school.

Sailesh Reddy, Student, 10th Std., Narayana Olympiad School, Bangalore

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Sailesh ReddyStudent, 10th Std., Bangalore