I chose to attend the counseling as I faced a few challenges in my current job as a fresher. Attending the sessions gave me a sense of hope to continue in my field as well as to shape my future in the right path. I gained more knowledge about various options that I could opt in my career life. I felt content after the career guidance workshop.

Gayathri Dinesh, Thrissur, Kerala

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Gayathri DineshFresher, Thrissur, Kerala

Anu differentiates as a counsellor. She embarks on a holistic approach with the student and succeeds in removing doubts surrounding the choice of subjects to pursue.

Anu has developed a model which shines a light on the students’ interests and strengths. Her sessions are interactive, fun and enlightening.

My daughter benefitted hugely from the program and she has clarity on her future vocation. We are fortunate to engage Anu in this very important step in a students journey towards academic and professional excellence.

– Kenneth Pais​, Parent, Dubai

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Kenneth PaisParent, Dubai

I have known Anu from college days and since then I have only high praise for her work and calibre. She is an extremely knowledgeable and insightful professional who uses evidence-based assessment methodology, unbiased and efficient guidance and counselling, and provides a concise and clear report.

– Suma Ajit, Co-Founder, ILove 9 Months, Australia

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Suma AjitCo-Founder, ILove 9 Months, Australia

Ms. Anu is a dynamic and energetic person who takes up tasks with interest and completes them in an effective manner. I have always seen her reaching out to the students and mould them to match up to the industry standards. The assessment and training that she provided to the students were very useful and impeccable.

Dr. Vidyashree, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Bangalore

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Dr. VidyashreeAssistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Bangalore

The Experte group has given us the much clarity required by us to guide and focus on my daughter’s way forward to a great career. Mrs Anu Damodaran was very convincing and motivating. My daughter ended up more focused and enthusiastic about her career choice and is ready to work hard. She also gave us guidance on how to take it forward from here with lots of information and knowledge about the entrance exams and institutes of interest. It’s a great career counselling platform for children who find it difficult to decide on which subject stream/group to choose and focus on their career options. Thank you!

Dr. Keerthi Praveen, Parent, Chennai

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Dr. Keerthi PraveenParent, Chennai

Thank you so much for putting tireless effort in helping out the best in choosing my career. Your assessment and counselling were really very helpful. Thanks again!

– Rupa Chingsime Ch. Marak, Undergraduate student, Meghalaya


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Rupa Chingsime Ch. MarakStudent, Undergraduate, Meghalaya

I attended the career counselling workshop conducted by Anu ma’am. It was an eye-opening program for me. I could understand my true potential and choose the right career path. I feel that many students will be benefitted from this career counselling program to make the right choice.

– Ashwin, 10th Std., Presidency School, Bangalore

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AshwinStudent, 10th Std., Bangalore

Before attending this career counselling program, I was very confused about what I want to do in future after my class 12. After this session, I understood my inclinations, abilities, and interests very clearly. Now I know what are the career options suitable for me and I am in a much better position to decide what I want.

– Sneha P, Student, 12th Std., Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan School, Bangalore

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Sneha PStudent, 12th Std., Bangalore

This career counselling session conducted by Anu Ma’am was very informative and useful. We learnt how to select the subjects/group according to our career interests, our abilities, and our skills. We understood what to study for different careers and given us confidence. Thank you so much for guiding us clearly. We will definitely remember you and follow your guidance.

– The class of 10th., TREP School, Bangalore

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The class of 10thThe class of 10th Std., TREP School, Bangalore

The career counselling program was very nice and informative, I had a lot of confusion about what subjects to choose. After this program, I became clear because I got to know what my interests and abilities are.

– Jagruti, Student, 8th Std., Vidyashilp School, Bangalore

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JagrutiStudent, 8th Std., Bangalore