Anu differentiates as a counsellor. She embarks on a holistic approach with the student and succeeds in removing doubts surrounding the choice of subjects to pursue.

Anu has developed a model which shines a light on the students’ interests and strengths. Her sessions are interactive, fun and enlightening.

My daughter benefitted hugely from the program and she has clarity on her future vocation. We are fortunate to engage Anu in this very important step in a students journey towards academic and professional excellence.

– Kenneth Pais​, Parent, Dubai

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Kenneth PaisParent, Dubai

The Experte group has given us the much clarity required by us to guide and focus on my daughter’s way forward to a great career. Mrs Anu Damodaran was very convincing and motivating. My daughter ended up more focused and enthusiastic about her career choice and is ready to work hard. She also gave us guidance on how to take it forward from here with lots of information and knowledge about the entrance exams and institutes of interest. It’s a great career counselling platform for children who find it difficult to decide on which subject stream/group to choose and focus on their career options. Thank you!

Dr. Keerthi Praveen, Parent, Chennai

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Dr. Keerthi PraveenParent, Chennai

We met Ms. Anu when my daughter was in grade 8, we were clueless and lost about her choice of career and the various options available. Ms. Anu put a lot of things in perspective in our very first interaction itself. Her astute observation of my daughter during the counselling sessions was precise. As we interacted over the two years, we have a clear understanding of the subjects my daughter would love to study in detail and then build a career based on that. Our sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to Ms. Anu.

Jyothi Sridhar, Parent, Mumbai

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Jyothi SridharParent, Mumbai