I have known Anu from college days and since then I have only high praise for her work and calibre. She is an extremely knowledgeable and insightful professional who uses evidence-based assessment methodology, unbiased and efficient guidance and counselling, and provides a concise and clear report.

– Suma Ajit, Co-Founder, ILove 9 Months, Australia

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Suma AjitCo-Founder, ILove 9 Months, Australia

Ms. Anu is a dynamic and energetic person who takes up tasks with interest and completes them in an effective manner. I have always seen her reaching out to the students and mould them to match up to the industry standards. The assessment and training that she provided to the students were very useful and impeccable.

Dr. Vidyashree, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Bangalore

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Dr. VidyashreeAssistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Bangalore

I have known Ms. Anu Damodaran for 3 years and worked with her during her time as a student counsellor and placement officer. Ms. Anu is a highly focussed and goal-oriented person and gives her best to everything that she does. She is very professional in her approach and is very disciplined. As a good motivator, she was able to encourage students to look beyond their limitations and aspire for much more.

Cassandara Ranee, HOD, Department of Management, Bangalore

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Cassandara RaneeHOD, Department of Management, Bangalore